11 Great Social Media Plugins for WordPress

One of the best ways to get traffic is from recommendations through social media sites such as Twitter and Digg and social networking sites such as Facebook. So why not make it easier for your visitors to do just that by including links to the most popular social media sites at the bottom of your article.

If your content is focused on a particular niche then you may want to pick and choose your visitors social media options and manually integrate a voting and sharing buttons into your design. Though for most content websites a social media plugin will be perfect for your needs. Not only do these plugins include voting buttons for the most popular social media sites, they are also incredibly quick and easy to install and will save you editing any theme files.

In this article I will be looking at some of the best social media plugins for WordPress available at the moment. Enjoy :)

11 Great Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Sociable WordPress Plugin1. Sociable

Originally developed by Joost de Valk, the popular sociable plugin is now owned by Blog Play.

The plugin produces social media links with 16×16 images though it is possible to replace these images with your own custom logos and icons if you are looking for something bigger and better. The default layout isn’t the best though you can customise it with your own css and change the header text too.

With over 100 social media sites to choose from and the ability to customise the plugin to suit your needs, Sociable is quite rightly one of the most popular social media plugins available for WordPress.

Download directly from WordPress: Sociable

Share This2. ShareThis

One of the first social media WordPress plugins to arrive on the scene, Share This is a popular choice for minimalists. Instead of displaying lots of different social media icons on your page, a simple Share This button link appears at the bottom of your article. When a user hovers over the link they will see a range of social media sites which they can submit the article to.

If you don’t want to blast your readers with lots of social media icons at the end of an article, this is the plugin for you.

Add To Any3. Add To Any

The Add To Any plugin is a lightweight social media sharing solution. It is incredibly similar to the Share This plugin so is worth considering if you are looking for a small share button at the bottom of your articles.

All of the sites which pop up when a visitor hovers over the share button are customisable and users can customise the button to suit their own needs too.

Download directly from WordPress: Add to Any: Subscribe Button

4. Light Social

Light Social is a lightweight social media solution which allows you to add up yo 14 social media links at the bottom of your articles. Each site is linked by a 16×16 pixel image.

The plugin doesn’t have any options screen. Instead, users must edit the plugin file itself. However, this is incredibly easy to do and is well documented as well so it isn’t an issue. A nice alternative for those who don’t need any bells or whistles.

Download directly from WordPress: Light Social

I Love Social Bookmarking5. I Love Social Bookmarking

I Love Social Bookmarking is a drop down sharing plugin which currently supports about 10 social media sites. When you hover over the Share The Love link a drop down list of social media icons appear. In my opinion this is simpler for visitors to use compared to the larger boxes that appear for similar plugins such as Share This and Add To Any as there are less options (the other plugins include features such as email and printing, which many people don’t use).

Download directly from WordPress: I Love Social Bookmarking

6. Social Bookmarks

A nice little plugin from Greek developer Apostolos Dountsis. The plugin adds a bookmark text link at the end of every post. When a user clicks on the link the page scrolls down to reveal a list of social media sites to share the article with.

Worth checking out if you are looking for something clean and simple.

Download directly from WordPress: Social Bookmarks

Add Me Dichev7. Add Me Dichev

A basic social media plugin which allows you to add dozens of social media links underneath the post.

Unfortunately there is no options area so you need to edit the plugin file directly to change what sites are shown, though you shouldn’t find it too difficult.

Download directly from WordPress: Add Me Dichev

8. SocioFluid

Although it only has about a dozen social media sites to choose from, Sociofluid is one of my favourite social media plugins for WordPress due to one simple reason; you can change the size of the icons from 16×16 to either 24×24, 32×32 or 48×48 pixels.

It’s very easy to install and can be manually placed within your blog page too.

Download directly from WordPress: SocioFluid

Social Dropdown9. Social Drop Down

A simple plugin which adds a bookmark text link at the bottom of your posts. When the user clicks on the link a box will appear with the social media sites you have selected via the options page. The plugin lets you add dozens of different social media sites, but strangely, Twitter isn’t one of them.

The plugin requires you to call the function yourself via your template file. Although it did work, I noticed that some images weren’t displaying correctly.

Download directly from WordPress: Social Dropdown

Social Bookmarking RELOADED10.Social Bookmarking RELOADED

A decent bookmarking plugin which lets you select from dozens of social media sites. Although the plugin has a few good options, the output is quite basic, therefore I would be more inclined to use something like Light Social than this plugin.

Download directly from WordPress: Social Bookmarking RELOADED


One of the most popular bookmarking plugins for WordPress, and with good reason. It’s not only one of the best looking plugins, it’s aso one of the easiest to customise.

The plugin adds a Sharing is Sexy! section (or Sharing is Caring!) at the bottom of your article with the social media sites of your choice (20 to choose from). You can easily decide whether the bookmarks are displayed on posts, pages, the home page, or all of the above.

Worth checking out if you’re looking for something to sexier!

Download directly from WordPress: SexyBookmarks


Most of the largest WordPress powered blogs and websites on the web have a custom made bookmarking section underneath their articles which fit their site design and feel. However, if you are looking for something which is simple and less in your face, you may want to consider one of the social media bookmarking plugins mentioned above.

I recommend trying a few out of them out to find the one which best suits your design.

Good luck,

* Note

Many bookmark plugins were dropped due to their low quality. Others would have made it onto the list but had to removed because they were not working with the latest version of WordPress. Bookmark Me, Bookmarkify, Gregarious, Hey Social and Share all come into this category.


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