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Buff Up Your WordPress Security

With all this crazy hacking going on, it’s the perfect time to buff up any WordPress blog or website install. Especially considering how many exploits and vulnerabilities external plugins could present to outside sources. There are quite a few source edits that can be done to prevent outside parties from accessing integral WordPress system information. Confine The Search Query When someone performs a query of your site through a search engine, if they are clever enough, they can gain access to the rest of your site’s source files. To protect your WordPress blog or website from this issue simply change […]

Adding An Excerpt Area Character Counter

Premium WordPress themes are great as they open up many opportunities that don’t exist with the default WordPress themes. There’s certainly no doubt that some of the best themes out there can make even miniscule sites look slick and professional. But sometimes theme layouts and designs can cause underlying problems. For instance, some themes may slim down the excerpt output on the front page to make room for other items or visual aesthetics. This can be a problem, because a theme like this can cause a lengthy excerpt to be trimmed, resulting in a confusing or incomplete post preview- which […]

Adding WordPress Sub-Users

One of the best features of running a WordPress blog is the option to add contributing editors or sub-users. This feature is particularly useful when running a professional website and outsourced writers have been hired to produce content. You can provide contributing users with proper access to create new content as well as control their options so they can or can’t publish directly on a WordPress website or blog. Unfortunately some blog owners don’t know how provide new users access, even though the process is very simple. Adding New WordPress Blog Users In order to add a new user so […]

How to Get Rid of Unwanted WordPress Categories

Every now and then when writing new blog posts you have to categorize posts a certain way so they show up correctly in a theme, or post to a certain page. A lot of modern themes and plugins use categories to uniquely place posts. Unfortunately when using categories like so, they still show up on the blog or website in question. Because these extra categories end up being indexed, it leads to a very fragmented category listing. It also leads to unwanted categories displaying directly on the WordPress blog or website. This can be fixed two separate ways. The first […]

Quick Tip: Display Total Number of Blog Comments

A lot of blogs are displaying social media followers and network links as a count on the main page. It serves as a good measure of how popular the blog or website has become. But a lot of blogs forget the internal community or reader comments. A popular blog always has a lot of comments under each post as readers discuss points of view and information with the author. So instead of displaying the total number of social media followers and social network links it might be a great idea to display the total number of comments that exist on […]