WordPress Plugins That Let You Charge For Viewing Your Content

Content is not free. It takes time to update your website with quality content and it takes money to have someone else do it for you. How do you profit from this investment of time and money? This is a question that many website owners have been asking themselves over the last few years. There are many business models that are built around high quality content. Some websites place network advertisements from services such as Google Adsense, others sell advertisements directly. It is also common for companies to use content to drive traffic towards their own products and services. Another […]

Essential WordPress Plugins for 2014

WordPress’s power comes from its plugins. The core version of WordPress can be used for a simple blog or content website, however without plugins your website would lack features and be susceptible to spam and malicious attacks. With over twenty eight thousand free plugins listed in the official plugin directory and thousands more in premium plugin stores such as Getspool; it can be difficult to find the plugins you need. In this article, I have listed what I believe to be the best WordPress plugins available online. Plugins have been grouped into categories. Some plugins, such as backup and caching […]

Turn Food Blog Recipes into Shopping Lists with ShopEat

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing for a product like ShopEat. I think it’s safe to assume that if you regularly look up recipes online you’ve wished for a seamless way to get the recipe from the screen to a shopping list – preferably on your phone. Now, there is! And not only are you personally able to enjoy this free service, but thanks to the ShopEat WordPress plugin you are able to offer the readers of your site this same convenience. And all the food bloggers rejoiced! Installing the ShopEat Plugin To offer the convenience of ShopEat on […]

Add Design Elegance with this Free Library of Subtle Background Patterns

For many, the secret to good design is subtlety. I know I for one I am a bit turned off by overly “loud” websites with garish colors or over-the-top patterns. I like to keep it simple, clean, and attractive. Which is why when I stumbled across the Background Patterns plugin for WordPress I knew I had to share it with everyone here at WPHub. It’s completely uncomplicated and 100% useful. Oh, and it’s free. Which is always nice. What is it exactly? It’s nothing more than a plugin that once installed allows you to access a large library of subtle […]

Display Gorgeous YouTube and Vimeo Video Galleries with TubePress

Photography has long been one of the most popular reasons for creating a website using WordPress. Whether for photoblogging or simply as a portfolio/showcase. However, as video technology continues to evolve and more and more amateurs are able to create high quality videos – similarly to how Digital DSLRs spawned a massive surge in amateur photography – there is now a growing need for themes, plugins, and tutorials on how a video artist can best utilize the World’s most popular blogging platform and CMS. There are a lot of plugins and themes out there for displaying really great looking photo […]